settembre 5, 2014

Presentazione e messa in servizio di un impianto per la rigenerazione e purificazione dell’olio del trasformatore a Khmilnitsk

Un impianto per la rigenerazione e purificazione dell’olio del trasformatore è stato presentato a Khmilnitskiy, Ucraina, il 6 Giugno.

L’azienda energetica di Khmilnitsky ha ospitato una presentazione per i rappresentanti delle aziende energetiche in visita.

Molte di esse hanno accumulato grandi quantità di olio usato di trasformatori. Il problema poteva essere risolto con un complicato e costoso smaltimento o attraverso la purificazione e rigenerazione dell’olio del trasformatore con prolungamento della loro vita...

marzo 20, 2014

GlobeCore opened service center in South Africa

Visit our new office: 35 Main Road, Anderbolt Ext 31, Boksburg Gauteng, South Africa.
Tel: +27761054167
Att: Mr. Frank May


gennaio 31, 2014

Our participation in MEE – 2013 at Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

GlobeCore Company has a considerable experience in manufacture of industrial equipment for energy sector. The product range is quite large. And it includes transformer oil treatment machinery, transformer evacuation machines, equipment to freeze impurity out of the windings, oil filling equipment, etc.

 We have supplied our equipment to over 40 countries worldwide, having a Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America among our...

gennaio 17, 2014

GlobeCore presentation in Mexico in Nov 2013

Our consultant Olga Vorkun visited Mexico in Nov 2013 presenting GlobeCore oil purification technology and equipment.


We think


We work


We appreciate colleagues



dicembre 26, 2013

GlobeCore has increased the production facility floor by 8,000 square meters

GlobeCore has increased the production facility floor by 8,000 square meters.



ottobre 28, 2013

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited to cooperate with GlobeCore

Our company is well know in every continent of the globe, and now we are focusing our effort on Africa.

GlobeCore experts Stanislav Sukhar (Export manager) and Yevgeniy Svirid (Oil purification plants lead engineer) paid a visit to UETCL (Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited) which expressed interest in teaming up with our company. UETCL operates many remote substations with transformers which fail quite often. Unfortunately, transformer failures and resulting...

ottobre 21, 2013

Another GlobeCore's Caribbean experience

September 2013 – GlobeCore supplies yet another oil treatment unit into the Central America, specifically to the Dominican Republic.

It doesn’t seem at all special: just one of hundreds of plants, nothing sensational, but this specific deal deserves a bit more than one line in the list of references.

Why? Well, first of all, this is the first sale to the Dominican Republic. Our rich and positive experience in the Central...

ottobre 18, 2013

The industrial expo in Acapulco, Mexico greeted GlobeCore’s young team of professionals

GlobeCore presented oil vacuum regeneration system UVR at the 26th International Summer Meeting on Electricity, Industrial application (RVP-AI/2013) was held on 7-13 July in Acapulco, Mexico.

Lead engineer Evgeniy Svirid demonstrated the process of oil treatment on our equipment. In the presentation of GlobeCore company lead export department manager Olga Vorkun focused on transformer oil regeneration technologies.

During the presentation Evgeniy helped to several companies to make...